Frequently asked questions

Feel free to email me or message on social media if you have any other questions!


What programs do you use?

I currently use an iPad Pro 2018 12.9 inch with 2nd Gen Apple Pencil. I use Procreate to draw all my art.

Can I repost your art for my page?

No. Please don’t repost my work anywhere. I’d rather you stuck to reblogging, retweeting or sharing a direct link to my artwork. I like to know where my art is posted at all times.

Can I draw your OC’s?

Of course! I love to see how others interpret my characters!

Do you take requests, do free work or work for exposure?

I may take the occasional request here and there, or offer a giveaway to my followers on Twitter or Instagram. I do not however take free work or work for exposure, work is always paid in GBP.

Where can I follow you?

You can find me on Twitter and Instagram. @mintfossil on both platforms.


Liv is a freelance artist based in the United Kingdom and specializes in digital Character Illustration and design.
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