Terms & Conditions

Status: CLOSED

  • I will NOT draw; fetish, NSFW (tasteful is okay), real people (unless permitted), gore (a little blood/cuts/injuries is okay, no extreme body horror), incest, complex mech/armor. If unsure, please email me or contact me on social media.

  • I WILL draw; animals (simple anthropormorphic is fine), tasteful nudity, simple mech/armor, OC’s, anything not stated above!

  • Payment is paid upfront via PayPal through an invoice. The currency will be paid through GBP.

  • Unlimited slots, commissioners at the top of the list are first priority unless paid an extra £5 to be put at higher priority.

  • References are EXTREMELY recommended and will allow me to draw your character most accurately. Knowing about your character's personality or story will also help me to make a more accurate illustration.

  • I have the right to deny a commission before starting, so please read the terms carefully and treat me with respect.

  • You will NOT use your finished commission commercially or delete/erase my signature without permission.

  • Do not post commission on social media without credit.

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Liv is a freelance artist based in the United Kingdom and specializes in digital Character Illustration and design.
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